Summer on The Green Museum

We have packed the summer with good experiences for all ages and provided space for summer holiday activities for both children and adults, great arm movements and quiet reflection in our large outdoor areas at the Green Museum at Gammel Estrup.

The hopefully good summer weather provides an absolutely fantastic opportunity to enjoy our exhibition “The agricultural botanical garden”, where we have over 400 different types of apple trees, 80 different types of rhubarb, different types of cabbage, legumes, berries, kitchen herbs, summer flowers and much more .

All year round, this living exhibition (and conservation center) is an absolutely fantastic experience, as the weather and seasons ensure that you see something completely new every time you visit the exhibition.

In addition, summer is also the perfect time to go around and visit our old Danish breeds of working animals and learn about them. Our farm animals come in almost all sizes, from the smallest honey bees to the big cows.

If it’s a rainy day or there’s just a small shower, our 6,000 m2 indoor exhibitions are of course also open – and here we entice with both exhibitions about breeding, the farming community and our large indoor forest – in the BIG exhibition.

But this summer we also offer the opportunity to become a farm worker for a day. YOU CAN FIND THE FULL PROGRAM OF EXPERIENCES IN THE 2023 SUMMER HOLIDAY BELOW.

The summer holiday program runs from Saturday 24 June to Sunday 13 August.

We are open every day over the summer from 10am – 5pm. The price is DKK 140 for adults and free for young people under 18, and all summer activities are free when you have paid for the entrance fee.

The ticket also gives access to Gammel Estrup Danmarks Herregårdsmuseum.


Dreng løfter spande med kartofler.


Sommer med masser af aktiviteter for hele familien på Det Grønne Museum

Be Farm Worker for a day

At 10 – 17 / Farm worker for a day / Free.

If you are going to have a summer holiday with the children at home in Denmark, please stop by Det Grønne Museum, where we have lots of summer holiday activities for children, and which the adults can easily join in too.

During the summer holidays, you can follow in the footsteps of the Haladin family and discover the life of a Polish farm worker. The activity tour starts in a newly constructed farm worker environment at child height – with space for the whole family.

A farm worker’s house, inspired by Polakhuset, which is surrounded by a kitchen garden with vegetables and a field where they work with beets and potatoes – and of course chickens in the backyard.

Find out who lived in the Polakhuset in 1916, feel how much a week’s potato salary weighs, taste beetroot soup made according to a Polish recipe, hear about why the Polakhuset was built of bricks and not of wood – and finally make your own mini-brick and stamp it with logo.

This interesting and educational experience package, which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on how much you want to delve into the history and activities, is free for the whole family when the entrance ticket to the two museums is paid.

As something new, this year’s summer holiday activities have also been translated into English, so that the museum’s foreign guests can also enjoy the whole experience.

Polakhusets ene lejlighed


At 10 – 17 / Polakhuset / Free.

In 1916, the Polish Haladin family moved into Polakhuset at the manor Gl. Estrup as farm workers. The family consisted of father, mother and 6 children, and they did what tens of thousands of Poles had done every year since the latter part of the 19th century. They traveled back and forth between Denmark and Poland as seasonal agricultural workers.

But for the Polish seasonal workers, the journey to Denmark in 1916 went through a war-torn Europe. Because the First World War (1914-1918) was at its peak, and when the year’s seasonal work ended, they could not go home. Many chose to take long-term contracts, and stayed in Denmark – even after the end of the war.

The Haladin family did not live alone, but shared a farm worker’s house with 9 young Polish women. The house was built on Gl. Estrup in 1909, and was intended to house the Polish seasonal workers. The Polakhuset is today part of the Green Museum, and has been preserved largely as it was when the Haladin family moved in.

Himmel over STORT


At 10 – 17 / All over the museum / Free.

To name just a few of the museum’s many permanent offers, you can also during the summer holidays explore the exhibition BIG – the human being and the forest, enjoy the machines in the Visitors Magazine, visit the animals or taste the historic kitchen garden, which abounds and spreads blissful and relaxing colors and smells at the moment.

If you would like to delve into the exciting history and very current exhibition about the breeding of our crops, then you can take a fascinating visit to the exhibition ‘Guldkorn’, where it is not only the story of breeding that is told, but also leading experts’ thoughts and suggestions for the future and the complex choices we face at this time.

Take a break with the kids on our large outdoor playground with an ice cream from the museum shop – or perhaps a lunch at the Den Gamle Stald restaurant?

Of course, you can also bring food from home and sit and enjoy it either inside or outside, depending on the atmosphere and weather.

In addition to the playground outside, the museum also has a play area inside, so when a little ‘recess’ is needed in the exciting learning, the body and imagination can run free in lovely play, regardless of whether the weather is suitable for being indoors or outdoor. If you are having a summer holiday with children in Denmark this year, there is good reason to pay an educational visit to the Green Museum.


Smagsprøver i Madens Hus


Selected days / at xx – yy / Tastings in Madens Hus / Free.

Our summer holiday activities also offer something for the taste buds. You can experience this when the museum serves tastings in Madens Hus on selected days.

The living cultural heritage is our old Danish varieties and breeds of both animals and plants. Before – or after – you sink your teeth into them, you can experience them for yourself around the entire museum.

See when you can taste the history in Madens Hus. The calendar is continuously updated with several days of activities during the summer holidays.

Traktorværkstedet udendørs


Almost every day / Meet the volunteers  / Free. Meet our volunteers in one of the many workshops on the museum. Visit the smithy, the beekeepers, the tractor mechanics, the dairy or one of the many others.




The Green Museum is open every day during the summer holidays from 10 – 17.

A day ticket for adults costs DKK 140 – and gives access to both the Green Museum and Gammel Estrup – Denmark’s Manor Museum, located in the same area.

There is FREE entry for young people under the age of 18.

When you visit the museum, you can exchange your ticket on the same day for an annual pass for ONLY DKK 110. Read more about the different ticket types and options here.

At the museum, we have plenty of outdoor and indoor areas where you can eat your packed lunch. You can also stop by the Den Gamle Stald restaurant.

Kør på traktor indendørs